Undoubtedly, choosing an e-commerce software like Shopify for Peru with the help of an E-commerce agency is essential in the context of the growing Peruvian market. In recent years, e-commerce has seen a steady rise in Peru, with millions of online shoppers and a market that promises to reach $9 billion. In this scenario, having quality e-commerce software is essential, and with the arrival of Shopify Plus to Peru from Cluster | E-Commerce Agency is positioned as one of the most recommended options for both businesses that are just starting out and large businesses.

In this article, we will present five reasons why Shopify Peru becomes the best choice for those seeking to succeed in the Peruvian market. Additionally, we will explore how a specialized Shopify agency like Cluster in Peru can be a strategic ally to maximize the potential of your online store and make the most of this growing market.

  1. Growth of e-commerce in Peru: In the last seven years, e-commerce in Peru has grown constantly, with 13.9 million online buyers and an internet penetration of 76.5%. The potential market is estimated at 9 billion dollars according to the Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (2022-2023).

  2. Favorable Forecast: The e-commerce market in Peru continues to grow rapidly, with a 45% increase in credit card penetration in 2022 and a 40% growth in online purchases in regions outside of large cities.

  3. Attractive emerging market: Peru represents an emerging market of considerable size and rapid growth, which makes it attractive for brands and e-commerce companies that wish to secure their future in Peru and Latin America.

Shopify in Peru offers a series of features that make it the preferred choice for those who want to succeed in the Peruvian e-commerce market. Highlights include Shopify's Onepage Checkout, recognized for having the best conversion rate worldwide, and Shopify's unrivaled Storefront Editor, which lacks rivals in terms of ease and versatility.

With the introduction of Shopify 2.0 templates, customizing your online store in Peru becomes one hundred percent accessible and efficient. In addition, Shopify offers a native connection with the main Peruvian payment gateways, such as Mercadopago, Openpay, Izipay and Culqi, simplifying the shopping experience for your local customers.

Another point to highlight is Shopify's powerful API, which allows fluid integration with ERP systems for inventory synchronization, electronic invoicing and logistics operators, making it easier to manage your online business in Peru. And we can't overlook the availability of the Shopify Flow app on all plans, allowing you to create a variety of automations to streamline your operations.

In short, Shopify is not only a reliable and versatile solution for e-commerce in Peru, but it also offers a series of advantages that will help you stand out and thrive in this constantly growing market.