Shopify Editions 2023 | Perú

Shopify Editions is an event that takes place twice a year, where the most relevant news in terms of products available to all Shopify developers and merchants around the world are presented. Cluster, as a Shopify Plus partner agency, was on the front lines taking notes and here we share the most notable developments that we believe will have an immediate impact on the performance of our clients' stores in Peru and Latin America.

The importance of Shopify Editions in the global e-commerce environment is such that both agencies and Clusters, clients, and developers are aware of what is to come and what is already available, to make the most of the potential of a tool. with a global perspective.

Next, we present eight of the most important advances of Shopify for Peru:

1) One-page Checkout. It was something you could see coming, Shopify's extensive work to optimize their checkout process has been critical to the success of most merchants, so it's good to see more and more friction at checkout. purchases thanks to the constant search to optimize the design of the payment process, which is already optimal. In the coming weeks we will see a new look for Shopify Checkout.

2) Hyper load optimization. A few weeks ago, a client asked us what we do to make the e-commerce that Cluster develops load so fast. We told him that we use Shopify's servers for pretty much everything, and it makes sense since they have their own CDN (content delivery network) and have enabled 270 endpoints around the world, which has significantly optimized load times. In addition, they have implemented what they call the Storefront Renderer (SFR), a system focused on rendering store components asynchronously and replicated in as many points as possible. Best of all, Shopify already has its own endpoint in Peru, so all Shopify stores in Peru are experiencing substantial improvements in load times, lowering abandonment rates, and improving their SEO rankings.

3) Youtube Product Sync, During 2022, Shopify focused on expanding into unconventional spaces, and for this reason, a few months ago, together with MrBeast, one of the largest content creators on YouTube, they implemented the official MrBeast store for merchandising. Today, the video format is the king in content consumption in all areas, so it is essential to continue creating solutions for electronic commerce. Also, with the Live Shopping trend, it will likely become an integral part of brands' "Always On" strategy to drive differentiation. "YouTube Product Sync" will allow you to enable synchronized product tags in the same video, allowing viewers to buy directly while watching their favorite YouTuber co-create with their brand.

4) B2B Commerce. It is clear that not only end users need to buy, companies also need to streamline their sales processes and placing purchase orders or services. To do this, it is necessary to orchestrate the interaction of different systems, such as inventory, billing and logistics. At Cluster, we have been working on B2B-oriented projects and using Shopify technology, obtaining excellent results. This is because Shopify easily adjusts to business logic and the needs of each of the areas involved in the company.

5) Shopify Flow for all plans. Until a few months ago Flow was only available to Shopify Plus customers, but before the end of the year, they unleashed its potential for all plans. At Cluster, we have used it for all kinds of cases, from enabling the famous abandoned cart recoveries in each phase (viewed the product, added it to the cart, abandoned the checkout), to rules that are integrated into the company's Business Intelligence strategy. company, allowing to improve indicators and deliver content according to the possibilities of each user to buy.

6) AI-generated product descriptions powered by Shopify Magic. The descriptions in the product sheets are a headache for any e-commerce manager, who has the responsibility of making sure that the texts are optimal for good SEO positioning. If you run out of creativity, no problem, because that's what artificial intelligence is for, which will help you write texts directly from the administration panel.

7) Shopify Collabs. It is an ideal tool for building authentic relationships with content creators. It allows you to recruit influencers using a branded landing page integrated into the store, helping the business build a database of influential customers. Allowing, from the same application, to send gifts, demos, early releases and track the performance that each content creator brings to the store.

8) Globalization of e-commerce. This may sound too ambitious for Peru to some, but believe me, we have clients who sell all over the world today, integrating Shopify with the different logistics operators in the world to offer worldwide shipping from Peru. They have achieved this thanks to the fact that Shopify has managed to implement a system that allows you to completely change the price, currency and language rules according to the country in which you are buying.

This 2023 promises to be a great year for those of us who have bet everything on Shopify. Not only are we receiving a large number of businesses that want to jump to Shopify in Peru, but we are also seeing more and more companies love the platform due to its global perspective and ability to integrate the needs of all areas of business. the company, marketing, logistics, operations and technology. I have seen how many of the clients who migrate to Shopify manage to grow their e-commerce exponentially and that for us is the best reward.